the paranoid senility of jim denham

jim denham, one of the lesser lights of the likudnik pro-occupation alliance for workers’ liberty appears to have accused the noted writer and activist noam chomsky of supporting the iraq war in his latest paranoid outburst. under a video of chomsky, in response to this statement

Yes because we all know that when a writer is wrong on a topic/issue (or several) that automatically makes them wrong on every other topic/issue that exists and could exist!

he states

I wouldn’t go as far as that, Comrade. But someone who (for instance) backed the Iraq war would be, in my eyes, seriously undermined as any kind of serious political person, and their opinion on anything else pretty much worthless.


intergalactic defence policy

if we build new updated voyager type probes and place on them golden records featuring sean matgamna’s poetry, the complete works of james p cannon and maxxy max shachtman, and the songs of rosie sings-like-a-moo-cow bell, it should be possible to scare off any galactic neighbours with hostile intentions (and also those with friendly intentions, unfortunate but necessary).

curiosity hasn’t killed the cat

it seems one sure way to be excised from the ‘conversation’ at swamp sauce is to mention the fact that one of the two main contributors is from a racist settler state built on stolen māori land. it is one thing to acknowledge this fact and move on, but continued denial of well documented facts is effective post facto complicity in the crimes of the colonial past and the racist narrative. all this at a site which calls itself ‘socialist’.

update: shiraz ‘socialist’ is actually a satellite of the notorious red-baiting muslim-hating far-right hate site ‘harry’s place’, a well known gathering spot for EDL supporters and fellow travellers.